Chapter 7 and 13


    Bankruptcy is a the perfect tool in some cases to protect individuals and give them a fresh start.  Whether you choose to file a bankruptcy or not understanding how bankruptcy works and the advantages and disadvantages is important information that you need before you commit to consolidating your debt, refinancing your home, using credit counseling services and using your retirement to bail yourself out of debt.

    Bankruptcy can protect your assets from creditors, stop wage garnishment, stop foreclosure and stop the repossession of your vehicle.

Bankruptcy can also help people who want to sell their home retain as much equity as possible by using their full allotted homestead exemption.

    Foreclosures have increased exponentially and the housing market has had negative impact on all home owners.  Adjustable rates have increased and property taxes have continued to increase making it harder to own your home.  This combined with the increase in fuel costs, the onset of winter and upcoming heating costs has everyone worried.  In some circumstances bankruptcy can lower your monthly payments and get you back on track to keep your home.

    Judgments against you become liens on your property and prevent you from selling it.  Depending on the value of your home you may be able to eliminate these judgments and protect your home.

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Our office is considered a Debt Relief Agency and we help debtor’s file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.




Foreclosure: Bankruptcy can help you save your home and/or protect you equity

Wage Garnishment: Stop wage garnishment with Bankruptcy.

Home Sales: Sell your home and retain up to $250,000 in equity without paying your creditors or judgments.

Judgments: Judgments can be avoided by filing bankruptcy allowing you to sell your home without paying them.

Second Mortgages: In some cases second mortgages can be discharged, reducing what you own on your home.

Taxes: Real property taxes can be paid.

Vehicles:  Cars and Trucks in some cases can be paid off in a bankruptcy, reducing you payment and your interest.

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